As the saying goes...

The saying goes that all women are beautiful and some are more beautiful than others!


Saying that as a man this can put all men in a quandary, because the first thing a man usually notices is the woman’s figure.  And to give all ladies credit most of them work very hard at getting that just right.

As a male writer of romance novels the male lover has to use a lot of the writer’s personal experience, and I’m sure that most men have made howling mistakes.

But one thing of which I have made myself aware is the different moods and personalities of ladies; but in saying that I’m probably digging myself into deeper trouble!


The tea towel smacked across the kitchen table!

"Was that for a mosquito, a fly, or your husband?" her friend Amy ventured with a wry smile.

Jenny had to laugh, but she's been on a mental low for several days.

"At least the fly's dead!" she said but laughed.

“Has he finished the window?” asked Amy timidly.

“He says he’ll complete the work tomorrow, just before the guests arrive,” Jenny relaxed a bit now that she had a friend to talk to.

They were both silent for a minute.

“Why on earth he decided to make the bathroom window bigger, I’ll never know, and just now!” her exasperation was growing by the minute.

Amy tactfully said nothing.

“The mess they made was horrendous,” Jenny continued, “they did put newspaper on the floor, but on top of that new carpet!”

Just then the kitchen door opened and Charlie, Jenny’s husband, came in with a small gift wrapped parcel which he gave to his wife, but did not attempt a kiss.

Amy saw Jenny physically relaxing; “I think I’ll leave you two alone,” and she let herself out of the house.

Jenny opened the parcel carefully, and took out a small dark green box with a snap lid.  She opened it and inside was a silver eternity ring, with small gemstones set in all around it.  She put it on her ring finger, and looked at Charlie, and now she smiled at him.

Charlie picked her up, and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom, and without taking off any of their clothes laid her on the bed.

“Most expensive bathroom window ever,” muttered Charlie to himself.