Quang Trung

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Vietnam in the 18th century. The Tay Son uprising, removing the Nguyen and Trinh dynasties, defeating the invaders from Siam, and then the massive Tsing invasion from Beijing, and unifying the country. Princess Le Ngoc Han is married to the Tay Son leader, who declares himself Emperor Quang Trung to defeat the Tsing invaders. Following popular agricultural and educational reforms, Quang Trung dies suddenly, aged 40, and his widow laments writing some beautiful and stirring poetry before she herself dies aged only 29.

Keep Off This Grass

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A tale of international intrigue set in the glorious ranch land of Rhodesia in the early 20th Century. A young veterinary surgeon is faced with management of a large herd of cattle, but the ranch is suddenly plagued with veldt fires, poisoning, stampede, flooding and even attempted murder.


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Author’s note The ship “Ann” did exist and was launched in London in 1645 by Captain Robert Knox, who died in captivity in Ceylon in 1659. His eldest son, Robert Knox junior, managed to escape in 1679 and returned to England, where he was persuaded to write an account of his time there *. The names of the members of his crew are true and correct. Nick is entirely my invention, and by all accounts never existed. His account of his captivity in Ceylon is a more light-hearted look at what an individual member of the crew of “Ann” might have done in these circumstances. I regret that if you go to Sri Lanka today there are no records, or ruins to see, apart from the book, of Robert’s captivity there for almost 20 years. The houses he lived in, or his father’s grave have long since disappeared. However, the King’s Palace does remain, and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is well worth seeing. King Rajasinghe ruled Ceylon from 1635 to 1685, and his son, Kundasala, released most of the remaining prisoners on his succession. Today you can find, however, descendants of the Portuguese, Dutch and English captives who lived there, and some with green eyes! Oh, by the way, Daniel Defoe, who was a journalist, never went to Ceylon, but it was generally considered at the end of the 17th Century that Robert’s book was the major source of technical inspiration for his classic “Robinson Crusoe”.


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The story is set in 5th Century Sri Lanka – Taprobane as it was then called. A princess from Eritrea becomes the fourth wife of the Rajah of Taprobane. The story relates her journey by land and sea, escorted by her brother, from Assaba to Puttulam, and their adventures on the way, even being attacked by pirates! The story continues with her marriage, and her life in the rock fortress of Sinagiri, meaning Lion Rock (nowadays called Singirya). But, nobody had told her of the mysterious death of the former Rajah, or the strange recluse like life that the present Rajah, his son, had taken to. From her friends she learned of the younger brothers pledge to take revenge on his brother, and raise an army in India, which he eventually did. Her marriage to the Rajah is somewhat of a sham, and later she starts an affair with the son of the historian, who had started to write the Mahawansa. When the Rajah is killed in battle by the avenging younger brother, following the discovery of the body of the old Rajah, her life changes and she moves from the rock fortress to Anuradhapura, the former capital.

A Body in the Laboratory

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A cleaner finds a body in the laboratory in the Fylde in the North West of England and the police are called. Murder is confirmed, but the research work being done in the laboratory is shrouded in secrecy, but a list of suspects is prepared. The police are frustrated as the DNA samples taken do not match any records, until they ask Interpol or assistance. The French police in Marseilles know the suspect who had already been convicted for murder, but escaped from custody and his wife and family had escaped to Nottingham. The prime suspect is Vietnamese but was recruited by the Stasi in East Germany many years ago. The police could arrest his family, but they want the main suspect himself and a plan is laid. Before they can arrest the suspect he escapes to Madrid, from where it would be difficult to extradite him, but his family remain in England. The DCI in charge of the inquiry devises a plan to entice the suspect to return, which he does and is arrested after a big chase, at which stage the Special Branch intervene.